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The Comprehensive Scheme and Strategic Plan

The Port of Coupeville's Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements was last updated in 2010. The Port recently initiated an update of their Comprehensive Scheme and is working with Community Attributes Inc., a Seattle-based land use and economic development consulting firm, to lead this update. The Port’s two facilities, the Coupeville Wharf and the Greenbank Farm, are critical assets for the local community and serve as both economic hubs and recreational assets. This plan is being developed to ensure the ongoing success of these two facilities while also identifying new opportunities for the Port to support and facilitate economic growth in the region.

To ground this work in local priorities, the Port of Coupeville is conducting public outreach focused on gathering feedback from a broad spectrum of businesses owners and residents. This feedback will complement other ongoing outreach efforts. The comments collected through this website will be leveraged to identify project goals and strategies for economic development and ensure that the Port of Coupeville’s Comprehensive Scheme and Strategic Plan reflects local priorities and initiatives. In short, we want to hear from you and learn about your ideas for the Port of Coupeville!

What We Need Your Input On

We need your help understanding more about the local community’s priorities. This will help us guide the Port’s planning process and ensure that the Port’s goals and strategies align with the needs of local residents and businesses.


What are the top challenges facing the local economy?


What are the top ranking economic assets in the community?


Do you know of underutilized lands that could be better leveraged to serve the community?


Get creative – what do you want to see for the future of the Port of Coupeville?

We are Looking for Comments Related to the Following:

Open Space/ Recreation

Port Operations

Infrastructure Development and Support

Real Estate Opportunities

Industry and Business



Review the Community Map

Zoom in and pan left, right, up, or down to explore the map. This map summarizes insights and ideas submitted to date for the Port of Coupeville's Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements. Click on the map icons to explore individual submissions.

Submit Your Own Idea

Select Add Your Own Marker below to submit your comments and ideas. Click anywhere on the map to submit ideas or insights related to planning for economic development. Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up box that appears to help us organize your idea or insight by topic. Be sure to click "submit" when finished!

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For more information on the Port of Coupeville and Ports in Washington please visit the following pages:

Port of Coupeville

The Port of Coupeville was established in 1966 and is responsible for two of Island County’s most unique assets: the historic Coupeville Wharf and the Greenbank Farm. Please visit the Port’s website for more details on the Port, its operations and the update of the Comprehensive Scheme of Improvements and Strategic Plan.

Learn More


Explore this site to learn more about port operations and history in Washington. The site will also provide information about how they're financed and governed and what their mission is in the state.

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Please use the information below to contact the Port of Coupeville

Physical Address:
Port of Coupeville Office
Greenbank Farm
765 Wonn Road Building E
Greenbank, WA 98253
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 128
Greenbank, WA 98253-0130

Mr. Chris Michalopoulos
Executive Director

Phone: (360) 222-3151